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Plant Installation

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Tree, Shrub, and Flower Installation by MowCow

Our plants are grown by a local growers who know how to take care of them too! You can tell where they come from because they are happy and healthy. Choosing native plants for your garden could save you time, water, and the cost of fertilizers. The MowCow Lawn & Landscape company has a product line that will turn any space into a lush oasis in no time!

Happy landscape plant installation crew
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Plant Installation

Gone are the days when you could just plant a few obligatory roses in your garden and call it done. Garden design is an art, which requires some planning, if you want to do it right-laying out new soil, planting the seeds properly and keeping them watered. But with MowCow landscape services, there’s no need to sweat over creating gardens that flourish. One of our trained landscape architects will capture your vision, bring in native trees and shrubs suited to the natural climate of Fairfax County (we know our stuff).

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Ornamental Tree & Shrubs

Clean, vibrant and insect free plants. Our relationship with local plant growers allows the flexibility for the best price. We offer a plant warranty in case any unplanned health issues arise. 

Beautiful shredded mulch
plants install of daffodil, hyacinth, tulip flowers
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Annuals & Perrenials

The neighbor down the way planted pansies once and they’re just gorgeous. And her beds are always weed-free like a pro, with nary a blade of grass out of place! That’s why MowCow Lawn & Landscape can bring your yard to life with annuals and perrenial flowers. Of course we use top-shelf gardeners who plant as eco-friendly as possible, obtaining all local growers stock through our green allies that are honest about inventories, health history and treatments for pests and diseases.

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Plant Warranty

Who wouldn’t want a friendlier insurance policy? MowCow offers a protective warranty plan with our plant installations. If anything goes wrong, we’ll replace it for you.

MowCow’s Personalized Plant Warranty is so worth the price. Think about this: Our service guarantees that if your plants die within a year, we’ll replace them at no cost anytime during that timeframe. Better yet, sign-up before installing any landscape services and not only will you get peace of mind; but our certified installers.

Landscape maintenance on bushes and shrubs
Rose bushes with plant health care
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Health & Maintenance

Now that you have your new plants, keep them healthy with the MowCow plant health care program and landscape upkeep plan. Your plants are too precious to be left unprotected. We’ll take care of their diseases and insects so they flourish under your watchful eye. Keep them pruned and beds weeded for that beautiful garden you always wanted or dreamed of!



Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.